Monday, 3 October 2011

Top 7 Tips to Laugh Yourself to Health and Well being

  1. Identify what makes you laugh and actively look for those situations. Your brain will actually help you find it when you decide to focus on more fun and games!
  2. Watch at least one funny movie per week, and play funny cd’s or tapes in the car while driving to work (excellent way to get over morning moods!).
  3. Make fun of what you actually fear. See the comic side in your fearful thoughts, exaggerate them and make them ridiculous.
  4. Act silly and make other people laugh; that will get you sniggering too.
  5. Have a roll on the floor with your kids or your dog. Try a pillow fight for a change.
  6. Take some laughing yoga classes; they’ll get you cracking up.
  7. Laugh at yourself each and every day. If you can make the problems you face funny, or at least see them in a different light, they will probably cease being a problem.

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